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Here we are. Nearly one month in … how are you feeling??!
I always love the feelings a new year brings. The feelings of a fresh start with the best intentions. There’s so much optimism in the air and it’s super duper contagious.

But also me … it freakin’ feels like it’s January 74th, lol.

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I posted this template in my instagram stories earlier this month. (You can view other fun instastory templates in my highlights here). I had every intention to have a printable version available on my ‘blog’ … better late then never right? ;)

27 days in and my answers are still holding true …

START: taking myself & my business seriously
THIS will likely be my biggest challenge. Great things never came from comfort zones.

EAT: more home cooked meals
All those recipes on my Pinterest board are coming to fruition baby! It can get tough when our schedules are chaotic, but a little prep goes such a long way. Aside from the actual grub, my favourite part of home cooking is the time we spend preparing our meals and the time we share after, when our bellies (& hearts) are full.

LEARN: to let go of things that no longer bring me joy
I have not yet indulged in anything Marie Kondo but the accumulation of ‘stuff’ is evident in my every day. If I haven’t touched it, used it, or worn in in the last 2 years … it’s time to move on ( … I think, lol). *Exception: notebooks.

MAKE: #selfcare a priority & stop breaking promises to myself
Giving myself an A++ for this one. For the last two weeks, I’ve been showing up for myself and keeping my promise to get at least 30 mins of physical activity in. I have yet to regret a completed workout.

READ: together as a family & 19 books on my own
Podcasts are giving me all sorts of life right now, but there’s just something about snuggling up with a physical book. I’ve started my list, If you have any reccos, let me know!

WRITE: my goals, my dreams as if they’ve already happened
Along with my Start Today Journal, this is still a process for me. I’m still wrapping my head round the entire concept but what a powerful exercise.

VISIT: another MLB stadium for our family bucket list tour
We’re a big baseball family. We try to road trip and hit up at least *one* stadium every year. I’d love for it to be somewhere in the West Coast, but we’ll see where our 2019 baseball adventures lead us :)

GIVE: myself some damn credit
Mic drop. End of story.

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I’ve uploaded two different files for you. The first link is a the printable, letter size. Perfect for hanging up in your office, on your inspiration board, somewhere to keep your intentions top of mind. The second link is a 5x7 version. This is the format I’m using. I’ve cut it, filled it out and stuck it in my 2019 agenda. Keeping myself accountable with my intentions …monthly, weekly, daily.

Head down. Work hard and slow clap for your own damn self.
Enjoy your own company. Have faith instead of giving up so easily.
Level up. Visualize your highest self & start showing up.
2019, we’re ready for you!

Enjoy, xo.

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