Pixel Paper Hearts is a creative design studio tag teamed by a sister / brother duo – Charisse de Leon and Wayne Reyes. Their love affair for all things design and creative sprung out of Room 113 – their high school graphic arts classroom. It was in that room where they first learned to cut rubylith, used a printing press, exposed a silk screen and of course, met Adobe. There was something about conjuring a vision then executing your ideas using mix media that resonated in their guts. It became a passion. The finished product was a way of connecting to others long before the social media phenomenon. 

Pixel Paper Hearts made it’s online debut in May 2013 via Etsy as a “print shop” with a small collection of 13 wall print which illustrated modern typography designs and words that motivated, inspired & warmed hearts. Since then, PPH graduated from their humble beginnings to a full fledged graphic design umbrella fabricating custom designs, witty social stationery, modern desktop goods.

If you can dream it, you can do it.

-Walt Disney 

Charisse de Leon

Creative Director, Designer

Charisse is a creative designer, cultivating a simple life with her husband & littles in a small suburb West of Toronto, Canada. She attained her Bachelor of Commerce from Ryerson University & has always had an underlying sentiment for graphic design and all things crafty.

Wayne Reyes

Graphic Lead, Designer

Wayne is a graphic designer forced to live two lives. Also a graduate from Ryerson University, he's a registered nurse by day in Toronto, Canada & an insomniac designer by night. Much of his inspiration comes from the organized chaos of every day life.