free printable: letter to santa

It’s snowing! Christmas is a coming!! We wrote our letters to Santa earlier this month using the free printable I shared with you all last year. *tip to my fellow Canadian pals, if you get your letters our by December 14 via Canada Post, Santa will write back! Fun!

Keeping the letter simple with fill-in-the-blanks and prompts makes for an easy activity for you and your little ones. Print them out & get it done 🙂 Can we talk about how (honest), modest and practical my babes are this Christmas?! lol!

Download the PDF versions below:

5×7 free printable – santa letter

8×10 free printable – santa letter

14 days to go! 14!! xo.

free printable: 2016 intentions

pixel paper hearts | free printable: 2016 intentions

Two weeks into the new year guys, how’s it going?! For me, it’s been a slow start. Ryan has been home more than we’re used to so we’ve enjoying his company, thoroughly. As things start to get back to ‘normal’ and routines start to come back into play, I’ve been reflecting on what I want out of this year.

I’m striving for simplicity. Things I’ve ought to do, things I’ve been meaning to do, things that will make me a better me for me. Fingers crossed that I’ll stay on track. I’ve whipped up a you got this, can’t stop won’t stop, yo go glen coco pretty printable for you to jot your goals, resolutions, intentions really what ever you want to call them & of course, I’m sharing with all of you 😉

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free printable: letter to santa

It’s December!! There’s not an ounce of snow here in Toronto … and I’m not complaining at all, but it hardly feels like it’s Christmas! If not for the awesome (pesky) countdown to Santa calendar that we have in out kitchen, it really feels like … well, not Christmas yet at all! Nevertheless, it’s coming & it’s coming fast!

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I never thought I’d fall so much in love with this game. We’ve stopped listening to music in the car and only tuned into sports talk. I learned stats, terms … heck I learned the players names, lol. We lip-sang (I sang-sang) to cheesy parodies and took superstition to a whole new level. We cheered and it got loud. Every victory, every heartbreak, it’s been magic, all the freakin’ feels.

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